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Gradonacelnik Goran Habus naslovna

Dear friends,

imagine a city with peaceful and serene streets, a city which is full of economic, educational, technological and entertaining content, a city which is proud of its title as one of the most desirable places to live in Croatia, city which managed to preserve the medieval magic in the 21. century. Welcome to Varaždin!

Welcome to the official web page of the City of Varaždin made for all the people of Varaždin, and for all our friends.  Our wish is to transfer everything one can experience in the city of Varaždin to the virtual world, which day by day gains more and more visitors.

We hope that our fellow citizens, businessmen and business partners will find all the information they need on this page.  We are sure that this will be a good invitation card for all our future visitors.

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About Varaždin
  • 18.08.2013

    Varaždin is the city of baroque, young people, music, flowers and bicycles. „Little Vienna“ with rich natural legacy interwoven in parks, a must see destination, located in the North of Croatia on the southern bank of the River Drava.

    With 46.946 inhabitants and the average annual temperature of 10°C, the city of Varaždin is one of the most attractive destinations to live in or to visit in Croatia. It is the tourist, cultural, economical, educational and sporting centre of North-western Croatia.

    The nine-times winner of the award presented by the National Tourism board, the nomination for the Golden Flower of Europe and holder of 11 „Green Flowers“; the national award, all for the most ordered, appointed and maintained destination, speak in favour of Varaždin being the city of pleasant emotions.

    The city of angels, colourful and magical events; the most famous ones Špancirfest - the Street Festival of good emotions in summer and the classical music festival -Varaždin Baroque Evenings which celebrates music, baroque architectural inheritance and authentic instruments, in autumn.


  • 04.09.2013
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